COM 101

October 23rd: Project B Blog Assignment B1 Initial Research

When beginning my research process for Project B, I used the internet to research the 1963 Birmingham protests and the 2015 Baltimore protests. After reading through Wiki articles on the events, I realized that the two events definitely had their fair share of similarities and differences.
One thing that the 1963 Birmingham protests and the 2015 Baltimore protests have in common is that they both primarily had to do with African American men. While the Birmingham protest was led by Martin Luther King Jr., James Bevel, and Fred Shuttlesworth, the 2015 Baltimore protests were caused by the arrest of Freddie Gray. Both protests were also motivated by injustices of African American people. The Birmingham protests had a goal of bringing attention to the “integration efforts” of African Americans there, and the Baltimore protests had a goal of bringing attention to the mistreatment of an African American man, Freddie Gray, as well as the inadequate information on police actions during his arrest and transport. Another unique similarity that the two protests have is that they both lasted about a month from April to May. Finally, each protest seemed to have somewhat of a positive result or outcome. In 1963 in Birmingham, attention to racial segregation in the South was increased, and desegregation was enforced in Baltimore. In 2015 in Baltimore, Freddie Gray’s death was declared a homicide, and the six officers that were involved in his arrest had criminal charges filed against them.
In another light, one thing that makes the protests differ is that the 1963 Birmingham protests were nonviolent, with sit-ins, marches, and boycotts, while the 2015 Baltimore protests contained the violence of rioting, arson, and looting. According to the Wiki article, the Birmingham protests were also caused by several things, including racial segregation, Browder vs. Gayle, and failed campaigns in the Birmingham bus boycott and the Albany Movement; the Baltimore protest was caused only the hospitalization and death of Freddie Gray. Finally, while the 1963 Birmingham protests have clearly ended and have had many results that played a role in our history, the more recent 2015 Baltimore protests have ended but ultimately contributed to a movement that is still active.

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