Welcome! My name is Angelina Miller and I am currently a 20 year old junior student at Cabrini University, majoring in Digital Communications and Social Media and minoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

I was drawn to Cabrini as a senior in high school by my mother who is a class of ’87 alumna. After visiting the communication department and talking to Dr. Jerry Zurek, I knew my love of photography and basic skills of writing and video production would make me an alright fit for the school.

As a freshman I got involved in photography courses, wrote my very first breaking news article, and contributed to making a simulation and website on climate change. I also became a CRS Ambassador and an Undergraduate Admissions ambassador.


During my sophomore year, I starting working as a receptionist for Pilates and More and stepped up as a photographer by taking photos for the Alumni Office, Admissions Office and Marketing Office. I also became a staff writer and assistant news editor for The Loquitur, and even had some on camera time as a news anchor for LOQation.


Going into my junior year, I decided to put down my camera for a bit and explore some of my other passions instead. I became the Editor-in-Chief of The Loquitur and continued working at Pilates and More. On my own time, I created my own health and fitness Instagram, started virtual coaching with Beachbody, and created an official blog to share all of this under the name of “fitnessbyang.” I now look forward to continue exploring my knowledge of health and fitness with my minor in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.


I now pour my heart out on my health and fitness blog with the sole purpose of motivating and inspiring other young women to live happier and healthier lives. I hope to pursue a profession that allows me to help and inspire people of all ages to live healthy and become the best versions of themselves!



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