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The Development of Media

Over the past five decades, the many multimedia fields of newspapers, radio, television, and most currently, social media, have been continuously evolving, while also pushing and shoving each other in a fight for the spotlight in the industry. One of the easiest ways to notice this is by looking at past and present social justice issues. Take the
1963 Birmingham protests and the 2015 Baltimore protests for example! Protests in the 1960’s obviously weren’t covered in all of the ways that protests in 2015 were, right?

Rewinding back to the spring 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference organized a campaign and lead protests to bring attention to the segregation of African Americans. The protests were primarily covered through newspaper articles that had more of focus on opinions officials and leaders, as to the viewpoints from the African-American’s that were actually behind it all.

Fast forwarding to the spring of 2015, protests were still being held due to the remaining mistreatment of African Americans. In Baltimore, Maryland, Freddie Gray, a 25 year old African American resident, was arrested and injured by police officers, then died a week later. This lead Baltimore residents to protest over a period of three consecutive weeks.
News media grew greatly from 1965 to 2015, which allowed the mistreatment of Freddie Gray to be covered through more outlets than the 1963 Birmingham protests were. While newspaper, radio, and television were still highly important when it came to spreading the general news of what was occurring with Gray, the specific social media application of Twitter allowed the public eye and opinion of the matter to be voiced equally as much for once.

Opinions will vary as to whether that can be considered a harmful or beneficial change in the world of news media. However, in the present day, it is clear that the creation of social media alone has encouraged the public opinion to be heard, while slowly pushing the classic newspaper out of the spotlight as well.


A Personal Viewpoint


Meet Dr. Romano, a current Philosophy professor at Cabrini College, and someone who has been at the college since 1960. Click here to listen to his thoughts on how the media has evolved over the years, in the format of a brief audio interview.


A Video Reflection

video picClick here to view a video of myself reflecting on what I have learned over the past few weeks about the 1960 Birmingham protests, the 2015 Baltimore protests, and how the media has developed in between the two!