Faith’s birthday at Dorney Park

Fortunately, taking Video Production and Basic Photography as a freshman at Cabrini University lead me to walk into my sophomore year with knowledge on how to construct a still picture slideshow using Final Cut Pro X. However, Multimedia Story Creation expanded my horizon on that process, deepening my skills in using FCPX for slideshows with ambient audio assets.

For my first Multimedia Story Creation assignment, I received multiple photographs and audio clips of voice interviews and ambient sound from my professor. I was then responsible for sorting through that content and organizing it into a clean cut yet attention grabbing narrative story. Through this assignment, I learned how to properly tell a narrative story through multiple media, by thinking like an editor of a still picture slideshow with audio project.

Watch the following video below to watch my narrative story on a 5 year old girl’s birthday visit to Dorney Park with her family!

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