How to make a cheese plate

After learning how to properly tell a narrative story through multiple media, I successfully obtained the skills to be able to think like an editor of a still picture slideshow with audio project.

For my second Multimedia Story Creation assignment, I received multiple videos of raw media of an interview source and associated B-roll from my professor. I was then challenged to screen the files and build my skills in video editing by telling a story of how to create a cheese plate with the footage I was given. T

Through this assignment, I further developed my skills in FCPX by recognizing the importance of B-roll, lower thirds and musical underbeds when it comes to illustrating a story. My professor also enlightened me as to how this could potentially be the kind of video assignment that a future internship employer or full time employer could ask me to put together in a day.

Watch the following video below to learn how to create a cheese plate using a variety of products found at the Upper Merion Farmers Market in King of Prussia, PA with Howard Field from Farm Fromage, an artisan cheese vendor in Lancaster, Pa.

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