It’s just a game

Loss of Everything Eases the Loss of a Game 

By: Angelina Miller

Can hardships that seem like the end of the world actually be easily brushed off?

Experiencing a house fire can cause a person to look at the world in a very different light for the rest of their life. These thoughts come into play for Ireland Giaquinto, a Padua Academy junior varsity volleyball player, as she walks into her team’s biggest game of the year. After losing to their rival the year prior, Ireland and the Padua Panda’s were fired up and ready to take Ursuline Academy down.

Ireland grew up playing volleyball. The sport helps her release stress and forget about the world outside of the court for a period of time. After undergoing a traumatic house fire during her senior year of high school though, Ireland didn’t know how she would continue on with her daily tasks such as going to school and playing her favorite sport. Overcoming the tragedy seemed impossible at first. Yet, Ireland had the inner strength to positively learn and grow from the experience.

Ireland now steps onto the court at the beginning of each game knowing that if her team loses, it will be okay. At the end of the day, it is just a game.


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