Courney Lawrence: A Wawa worker

The Worldly Wawa Worker: Courtney Lawrence

By: Angelina Miller

How can one person juggle the commitments of being a full time student, working two off campus jobs and independently supporting themselves financially? A direct answer to that remains unknown; however, Cabrini student Courtney Lawrence is a walking representation of it being completely possible.

Since February of 2016, Courtney has been balancing a life of majoring in Exercise Science at Cabrini University, working as a child caretaker for families in her area and being employed at Wawa on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, Pa. As a Customer Service Associate at Wawa, Courtney is required to be constantly on her toes, running the many different bases of the convenience store.

Checking out customers at the register, maintaining the highly popular coffee station and stocking the healthy grab-and-go “Express Case” island in the middle of the store have taught her more than one may think.

By working at Wawa, Courtney has obtained multiple skills that she applies to her current academic endeavors at Cabrini and that she plans on taking with her as she graduates with hopes of attending an Osteopathic Medical School. She has also learned to wisely save and divide up her earnings to pay for her schooling, car, phone and other essential bills. Her true maturity and independence as a young adult shine through her story, as well as awareness of the fact that her parents are not able to give her money for everything and that she is able to do it on her own.

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