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January 25, 2017
Inbound Fundamentals
Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy

1. Why inbound
Traditional: interruptive by convenient
Inbound: getting bound by customers and creating marketing that people love

Inbound Methodology

>Attract strangers
>Convert them to visitors/leads
>Close leads into customers
>Delight customers into promoters
>>>Analysis should be inherit in all of these steps

2. What are the fundamentals of inbound success
A. Buyer personas: Representatives of your ideal customers and current buyers aka the glue that holds all of the fundamentals together
>Research– based off of research, not assumptions
-Ask about roles, goals and challenges
-Ask “why”  to find out what really drives them
-You can have as many as needed to identify trends and create persona profiles

B. Buyers journey
>Awareness– doing the research
>Consideration– defining the options
>Decision– making a final purchase decision
>>> Keep content educational 
Ex. Illness- What’s wrong? What are my options for relief? Who can I see? 

C. Create content
-Inbound marketing: content + context
-Content: tailored to who you’re reaching

D. Leverage your content
-Distribution makes content relevant
-Use websites, social media, e-mail… But only what your personas use daily

3. What does inbound look like: CFO On-Call Example
-CFO used telemarketing and cold calling to generate sales
-Then developed their buyer personas (background, demographics, identities, goals)
-Expanded their content offerings via blog posts
-Had 200% increase in web traffic over 6 months and improved sale ready leads by 153%

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